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Founder & CEO

Jeremy, a dynamic force fueled by an innate drive to radiate love and positivity to humanity, seamlessly intertwines his unshakeable faith in God with every fiber of his being. After studying at Ohio State University, and diving into the complexities of Economics, Jeremy decided to further his career and learning, in the area of Health & Wellness. 

Jeremy's transformative journey took a start when he conquered Alopecia, a challenging autoimmune hair loss condition, by embracing a plant-based lifestyle. His story is a testament to the incredible power of plants healing the body. 

On Jeremy’s off day you can probably find him shooting hoops and taking in the fresh San Diego air with his wife Abby.

Jeremy is a certified Plant-Based Nutrition coach,  from ECornell University. 



Founder & Head of Revenue

At the heart of Jordan's story lies perseverance, determination, tremendous faith in God and the profound belief in the power of food as medicine!  


After repeatedly being told by healthcare professionals all of his life that stress was the culprit for his alopecia,  Jordan decided to embrace a wholly plant-based diet which resulted in him reversing his autoimmune ailment. He was able to heal himself and then shared the good news to help heal his brother Jeremy as well. 

Jordan spends his free time traveling the world with his girlfriend Kiara, snuggling with his husky, Bronny, and playing basketball with friends on the courts of Brooklyn, NY, where he resides. Jordan is a living testament to the extraordinary connection between what we consume and the vitality we can achieve with conscious eating.



Founder & Head of Creative

Esai has a burning love for people, animals and mother nature.


As a director and cinematographer Esai has traveled all over the world directing or filming projects for brands such as McDonalds, Kelloggs and Future Studios. As a musician Esai has opened for Bazzi, Futuristic and has landed his music in feature films and the Sync Licensing site SoundStripe. Esai hopes to use his love for film and music to tell the stories that will inspire people to spread love and save our planet. 


On Esai’s off day you find him throwing the football around or watching his favorite TV show “Smallville”, or building his dream home with his fiance! 



Founder & Head of Production

Jor-El’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking has lead him to work with some of the most well known companies in the world such as Adidas, Capital One, Sony and many more. Growing up in the murder capital of Indiana, Jor-El has seen the real life impacts of gang violence, homicide and incarnation. Jor-El’s hopes to spread the message of All Love No Beef through media and original content. 


On Jor-El’s Off days you can catch him playing catch with his dog Vinny or running routes and playing a pick up game of flag football.

Our Behind The Scenes Team

Abby Allen

Head of Events & Media

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Kiara Carter

Head of Marketing

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Dena Foster Johnson - Director of Talent Brand Partnerships at United Talent Agency 

Yao Williams - VP, Global Brand Partnerships at ESL Gaming 

Jeffrey Harris - Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Plant Power Fast Food

Marc Patrick - Vice President, North America Brand Defining, Purpose and Athlete Marketing at Nike 

Kasia Wyser-Pratte - Global Creative Director at Google 

John Paik - SVP of Global Marketing at MiiR

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